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About Libstar

Everything we create at Libstar is used in homes and
brings families together. We therefore aim to permeate
a family culture throughout our group, with several of
our companies having originated as, and still existing,
as family operated businesses. This inate sense of
belonging to - and being part of - a greater family is at
the heart of Libstar’s ethos.
Libstar was founded in 2005 to acquire and grow
operations in the consumer packaged goods (CPG)
This homegrown entrepreneurial spirit allows us to
pursue perfection and insistent passion. The company
comprises talented and committed people and the
leadership team is a tight-knit unit who will grow and
develop with the company in order to maintain our
position as a respected member of our business
fraternity and marketplace.
Furthermore, the majority of the original, key managers
and entrepreneurs within the businesses that Libstar
has acquired over the years, are still with the group. It is
our aim to continue to attract and retain highly-skilled
and experienced personnel.

From Our Home to Yours

From our Home to Yours perfectly exemplifies Libstar’s role in enriching people’s daily lives. The products we create at our Libstar Family of Companies are all about food and the associated comfort of home.

This familial spirit extends from where it is carefully made - for our customers and consumers - to their homes where our products are enjoyed and loved.

From the fields of
the farm and the
factory floor to the
fridges and shelves
of your local store

From humble
beginnings, to
something great.
From an old
family recipe to a
Michelin plate.

From careful hands
to watchful eyes.
From partnerships
to family ties.

handmade to
self-made, from
an idea to here.

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